As long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from social anxiety, especially in high school. After trying 911 for about three and a half weeks, I feel braver, less self-conscious, and more outgoing. I no longer loathe talking to people I know or don’t know. For me, this is huge!”

– Roger R.


“I used to dread going to social gatherings because I always felt like a fake. I’d be in my head the whole time. When I got home, I felt emotionally drained and depleted. After taking 911 for a little less than 30 days, I feel much more comfortable being around people. It’s as if the REAL me shows up, instead of this nebulous persona I used to carry around with me. I would definitely describe 911 as a ‘game changer’!”

– Cary T.

“After taking 911 for a little over two and half weeks, I feel a sense of calm inside and self-assuredness that I’ve never felt before. I feel grounded, rooted in myself, and the underlying paranoia that has always accompanied me, is nowhere to be found!”

– Tim J.

“I have a prescription for medical cannabis, which helps me manage my severe arthritis. The only thing that I don’t like about cannabis is how anxious it makes me feel. Your 420 formula has helped in this regard by at least 75%. I’ve recommended 420 to several friends, and they all report similar results. Keep up the good work. You’re really making a difference in peoples’ lives.”

– Thomas J.

“I’ve been involved in doctor-supervised clinical trials involving magic mushrooms for several years now. My hope was to cure my severe anxiety and depression, which had drastically affected just about every area of my life. The meds I was taking offered some relief, but the awful side effects made them a very poor option. Your 420 formula was so effective that I stopped  all of my meds. Mission accomplished!”

– Kelly G.

“I’ve always experienced self-doubt, especially around girls. It’s as if I could not stop second-guessing myself, projecting on to others what I think they want to hear. No wonder I always felt like a phony. Although I’ve only taken 911 for less than three weeks, I feel a lot more comfortable in my skin. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

– Bob R.

“I gave 911 a whirl after a friend said it had helped quiet down his mind. For me, I found myself enveloped in a cocoon of safety, almost as if I was being protected from outside influences. I’ve never felt so calm in my life. Thank you for making this wonderful product available.”

–  Brian M.

“I used to experience  social anxiety in public. I only felt ‘safe’ when I was  in the comfort of my own home. I took 911 for about 10 days in a row, leading up to my brothers wedding last month. The result? I felt a deep sense of calm, almost as I had ‘come home’ to myself.  And the nicest part is, it didn’t end when I stopped taking 911. Instead, the effect seemed to be permanent. This really surprised me!”

– William C.

911 works! I tried virtually every product on the market that I could afford, be it subliminal tapes, vitamins, timed-released skin patches, various nutrients, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements. I visited four different psychologists, had different lab tests performed, took a slew of anti-anxiety drugs, I joined anxiety support groups, heard 100’s of stories of people’s struggles with social anxiety, tried every affirmation known to man,  and yet I still could not overcome my social anxiety. When I learned about  911 I felt so stupid buying it, knowing full well that I was just wasting my money, yet once again. However, there’s a twist to this story: 911 really works! I no longer feel nervous around people , nor  do I worry about what they think. I no longer feel that people won’t like or approve of me. The changes in me are nothing short of a miracle. I’ve never taken a remedy this powerful and this effective in my whole life. My suggestion: try 911!”

– Alex D.

“Ingesting legal, magic mushrooms in a clinical setting is no trivial thing. You have to be ready for whatever comes your way and there’s really no way to prepare for the journey except to empty yourself of as many preconceived notions as you can.  For me, the tricky part is the emotions, mainly the feeling that I’m being scrutinized by everyone around me. After taking 420  for  about 3 weeks in a row, I felt more at ease with myself and more accepting of my foibles. That’s never happened before. And no, the feeling did not seem to fade. Rather, it lingered on, constantly adjusting my very psyche.”

– Marion M.

“I recently received a California sales tax audit notification. Instead of freaking out, like I normally would’ve done, I handled it with the greatest of ease. This surprised everyone who knows me. My secret weapon?– 911.”

 – Rose V.​

“I bought your remedy out of desperation. My company was recently bought out, but I managed to stay on with the new owners. The thought of going to work and seeing all these new faces struck terror in my heart. I felt like I wanted to vomit. Then, a friend told me about 911.  However, I was very skeptical. After taking 3 pellets 2x a day, for 8 days, I noticed that I no longer felt victimized by the thought of meeting new people. In fact, I felt a wave of self-confidence wash over me. The first day on the job was like no other. I truly felt like ‘one of the gang,’ instead of a perpetual outsider. So thank you for making this remedy available to people like me.”

– Neil O.

“It’s the first time I was able to look people straight in the eye without a hint of fear, anxiety, nervousness, or self-consciousness. I never recall feeling so calm around others. I was so busy being myself, that I never gave a second thought as to how others were perceiving me, if they liked me, or approved of me. I had no negative self-talk. This what I call ‘fun.’ A big thank you to MyWorstFears!”

– Beatrice W.

“For me, 911 is ‘courage’ in a bottle. It seems as if I had never given myself permission to just be me. I always felt compelled to justify myself, explain myself, and almost apologize for my very existence. Not anymore!  I truly feel ‘unlocked,’ as if this remedy gave  me the permission I needed to be myself.”

– Ammeal K.


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