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See what our customers are saying

I’m more sincere, genuine, and unapologetic than I’ve ever been in my life.

"There is something unique and wholly exhilarating about being yourself, without all the shame, hesitation, and fear. I no longer need to explain, justify, or apologize for the way I think, feel, or act. I'm no longer concerned that people might misunderstand, disapprove, or in some way not accept me. I no longer experience self-doubt or second-guess myself. I no longer feel compelled to rehearse what I want to say in a conversation--before I say it--or try to guess how people might respond to what I say. I no longer experience social uneasiness, embarrassment, or self-consciousnesses -- nor do I have a desire to appease others so that they think highly of me. I can now say what I want in an open, dignified, and spontaneous way. I'm more sincere, genuine, and unapologetic than I've ever been in my life. And the fact that The Confidence Pill works equally well for men and women, makes it an invaluable gift to people looking for an effortless way to bring more confidence, poise, balance, and power into their lives and their relationships!" ​

John Ustica
Professional Artist

If you suffer from social fear or social anxiety, this product may be just the thing you need. It certainly changed my life for the better!

 I suffered from social anxiety since I was in kindergarten. Only recently have I been able to look people in the eye, without a hint of fear, anxiety, nervousness, or self-consciousness. I never recall feeling so calm around others. I'm now so busy being myself, that I never give a second thought as to how others are perceiving me, if they like me, or approve of me. I have no negative self-talk. This what I call ‘fun.’ A big thank you to MyWorstFears!

Beatrice W.
Registered nurse

I highly recommend this product to people suffering from low self-esteem or who lack self-confidence. It’s excellent!

I've never been able to look my patients in the eye when I talked to them. Doing that made me feel very uneasy, which in turn made them feel uneasy. After taking The Confidence Pill, I'm now able to enjoy unflinching self-confidence, without the usual attending shame and sense of guilt. I also feel that my character has become more noble, more refined. I feel more sure of myself, in all social settings, no matter who I'm with.

Michael Shores, O.M.D.
Oriental Medical Doctor

Five-star product. Five-star experience!

I was very skeptical at first: 'Exactly how is The Confidence Pill going to make me feel better about myself, when I'm 31 lbs. overweight and ugly as sin?' However, one week later, I began to notice that my self-confidence was increasing. I felt braver, less self-conscious, and more confident. I even asked a female colleague of mine out for dinner--my first date in 11 years! The best part of all of this is that the effects appear to be permanent! Wow!

John Murray
System Analyst

A real game changer!

I was ready to book an appointment with a psychologist! I freaking out about this Wuhan virus thing so I ordered your Confidence Pill, even though I didn't think it'd work. Since you have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, I didn't see how I could lose. Long story short... I'm back in the saddle and no longer fret and worry about this virus and my future. I'm taking things one day at a time, and trusting that everything will be okay. This is a very freeing feeling!

Shirley Ayers
Dance instructor

Highly recommend it!

I was moving house, changing my job location, and going through a divorce, all at the same time. Needless to say, I was finding it difficult to cope. A friend advised that I take the same drugs that he was taking when feeling overwhelmed, but I insisted on going the natural route. When I came across your product, I decided to go for it. Glad I did. It brought clarity of mind to a very unsettling life situation and I was more easily able to get through it without all the emotional drama. So, yes, I think The Confidence Pill you offer is very valuable to anyone going through a crisis in their lives.

Dr. Herb Young
Oral Surgeon