Q: Can I mix your remedies with allopathic drugs or medicines that I’m currently taking?                                                                      A: Yes, however it is advisable to put a gap of approximately one hour between our products and other products that you might already be taking. After using our products for a while, you may find that you need less of the medicines that you’re currently taking.

Q: Are there any precautions that I need to be made aware of when taking your natural products?
A: Yes. It’s best not to place your remedy in close proximity to magnets, heat, light, moisture, electrical wires, computers, tablets, Wi-Fi, TVs, cellphones, microwave ovens, or anything with a strong electromagnetic field. If possible, do not allow our products to be X-Rayed at airports. Also, it is best to avoid taking steroids or opiates while using our products, as they have a tendency to overpower and antidote them.

Q: Will I need to take your remedies forever?                                             
A: Not at all. My Worst Fears’ formulas were not developed to mask symptoms but to assist in bringing the body back to a state of health. Thus, once the desired result has been achieved, the formulas may then be taken on a “as-needed” basis. 

Q: Since your formulas contain flowers essences, do they smell like flowers, meaning, do they have the scent of flowers?      A: No, there is no scent whatsoever in our formulas because they are vibrational in nature, and as such do not contain any of the physical proprieties of the actual gemstones flowers themselves, including scent or color.

Q: Can you tell me a little more about flowers essences?                                                                                                                        A: “Flower essences were first prepared in England in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach. Bach was a visionary healer who recognized the soul-spiritual dimensions of healing, decades before this awareness gained public acceptance. Bach was trained in conventional medicine, but knew that the physical symptoms he treated were intimately related to the emotional and mental conditions of his patients. He sought a natural, non-toxic method of addressing inner levels of human experience. Although widely recognized as an outstanding bacteriologist and homeopathic medical doctor, Bach left his practice to develop a new healing modality derived from the fresh blossoms of plants.”  – Source: www.fesflowers.com

Q: What is the difference between flower essences and homeopathy                                                                                                  A: . Flower essences do not work according to the “Law of Similars,” which is the main operating principle of homeopathy. With homeopathy, substances are chosen to produce symptoms that match the condition of the client. On the other hand, flower essences work by introducing positive archetypes that stimulate conscious choices and self-awareness within the mental and emotional realms. 

Q: What is Social Anxiety Disorder?                                                                                                                                                                             A: It is a common type of anxiety disorder wherein a person feels the symptoms of anxiety or fear in certain or all social situations, such as meeting new people, dating, being on a job interview, answering a question in class, or having to talk to a cashier in a store. Doing everyday things in front of people—such as eating or drinking or using a public restroom—also causes anxiety or fear. The person is afraid that he or she will be humiliated, judged, rejected, or made fun of.

Q: What causes Social Anxiety?                                                                                                                                                                                   A: According to Sean Cooper, The Shyness & Social Anxiety Guy, “Social anxiety is fear at its core. You’re afraid of people’s eyes on you, of being judged, of embarrassing yourself, of making a mistake in front of everyone, of not saying the right thing. The way you feel before talking in front of a group of people is probably similar to what most people feel before jumping out of a plane.”

Q: Is Social Anxiety Disorder a widespread phenomena?
A: Yes, approximately 15 million American adults experience it, making it the second most commonly diagnosed anxiety disorder. 

QIs 911 only recommended for people who suffer from social anxiety?                                                                                                        A: No. It is also good for people who often experience: fear, restlessness, self-doubt, self-consciousness, fear of public speaking, sexual-performance anxiety, endless mental chatter, and much, much more!

Q: Are there any negative side effects of taking pharmaceutical anti-anxiety drugs?                                                                                   A: Yes, there are plenty. We can email you a free booklet describing firsthand accounts of people who took these dangerous drugs. Very eye-opening information. You can use our “Contact Us” form to request this booklet. 

Q: How long does it take before my order is shipped out? When can I expect it to arrive? What will it cost to ship my order?          A: In-stock items ship in one (1) business day. Orders are shipped Mon-Fri. except for major holidays. Delivery time: from 10-18 business days (does not include Saturdays or Sundays) to the US and most other countries Cost: $7.47 (no tracking included. Add $1.95 for tracking.. 

Q: Who will pay my country’s customs duty fees when my package arrives?                                                                                                 A: It is your responsibility to know your customs’ rules and regulations, and to pay any and all import duties that are required. However, to date, we have not heard of any instances of this occurring with our products. 

Q: If my country’s customs department holds my package, do you issue me a refund?                                                                              A: No. You would need to contact them and explain that the contents of the package does not contain any drugs or prohibited substances, only 100% natural ingredients, which will be clearly stated on the outside of each bottle. 

Q: Are your packages sent discretely?                                                                                                                                                                     A: Yes, they are. There’s no mention of our company name on the outside of the padded envelope, only: “MWF USA” and our shipping address. If anyone opens up your package, that’s all they’ll see is a small bottle of white, round pellets, with a label stating that the contents consists of 100% natural ingredients. In addition, we do not include any paid invoices; instead, we email them to you. 

Q: Do you record my IP address when shopping or visiting your website, and do you place any tracking cookies on my computer?                                                                                                                                                                                                                        A: “No” to both questions, as we sincerely respect your privacy. We do not capture, retain, or store any visitor information, for any reason whatsoever, and never will.

Q: Have any of your products ever been tested on animals?                                                                                                                               A: No, they have not. 

Q: Are your products a substitute for psychological or medical advice.                                                                                                           A: No, they are not.

Q: Why do the therapeutic-grade gemstones and flower magnetic essences embedded in your products exert such a positive  influence on the human body?                                                                                                                                                                                     A: The “healing code,” which naturally exists in both gemstones and flowers, is greatly amplified by the three different technologies we use in producing our products, mainly: Scalar Wave, Orgonite, and Tachyon.

Q: What year did you first begin testing your two products?                                                                                                                         A: We started back in 2016, but only made them available to a select group of individuals who worked with us to perfect our formula.

Q: Do you sell your customers’ email addresses to third-party entities?                                                                                                       A: No, and we never will, as we’re very dedicated to protecting your privacy. In addition, we  will never spam you, for any reason. We’ll only email you during the ordering process, or when we have a question about your order.

Q: How do your products work?                                                                                                                                                                                 A: All substances, be they flowers or gemstones, vibrate at certain specific frequencies. These frequencies contain a fundamental essence often referred to as the “energetic signature,” “magnetic code,” or the “vibration” of the original substance. With the right technology, these energetic signatures can be transferred or imprinted into cane sugar pellets using magnetic energy. That is, we pass a magnetic field through a waveguide, created from the original substance, and then transfer that into cane sugar pellets. The pellets absorb the magnetic field, leaving behind a detectable magnetic field called “remanence.” When a person ingests these pellets, the energetic signatures of the flowers or therapeutic-grade gemstones are conveyed to the person, imparting a positive healing effect on their physical, mental, as well as energy bodies. How so? The right energetic signature can harmonize discordant invisible energy fields down to a sub-cellular level. What makes this possible is that what’s being transferred to the person is the actual healing qualities or essence of that gemstone or flower. In other words, all gemstones or flowers are completely infused with a certain healing energy pattern, also known as “essence” or “primal genetic code.” Many people believe that it’s not the actual gross substance (i.e. herb, gemstone, or flower) that is actually healing or harmonizing a person, rather it’s the energetic signature or frequency of the substance that is having the harmonizing and healing effect. The human body naturally has a coherent energy field surrounding it. Disease is simply the manifestation of a discordant energy field. Our products serve to balance out that discordant field, thus harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit of that person.

Q: How does the combination of Scalar Waves, Tachyon, and Orgonite technology enhance the effects of your products?              A: Scalar Wave, Tachyon, and Orgonite energies are embedded in all of our formulas. Thus, when you ingest them, these special energies help keep the electrical charge across cell membranes at an optimal level. How do they do that? They do that by making it easier for nutrients to enter the cells and for waste products to move out of the cells, thereby enhancing the functioning of trillions of cells. Over time, the energy level of one’s cells, tissues, and organs are raised, promoting optimum health and vitality. 

Q: What are Scalar Waves?                                                                                                                                                                                          A: Scalar waves are produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase (opposite to each other) and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other. The result is not exactly an annihilation of magnetic fields but a transformation of energy back into a Scalar Wave. This Scalar field has basically reverted back to a vacuum state of potentiality.
— Source: insightofnc.com/articles38.htm

Q: How does Tachyon technology enhance the effectiveness of your products?                                                                                          A: Tachyon technology involves a special process whereby material substances are restructured at a sub-molecular level.
Thus, when someone uses one of our products, it will help to energetically balance their body. Once that is achieved, the person should feel more balanced, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Q: How does Organite technology enhance the effectiveness of your products?
A: Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals, and quartz which work in a synergistic fashion to balance and harmonize bio-energy, otherwise known as Orgone, chi, or prana. The Organite devices found in the marketplace are built on the findings of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, who researched orgone energy in the earlier half of the 20th century. He discovered that certain organic materials attract and hold Orgone energy, while non-organic metals simultaneously attract and repel the energy. Since both attracting and repelling substances are incorporated in Organite, including gemstones, they are constantly attracting and repelling energy. Thus, a “scrubbing” action takes place. Coupled with the charge that the embedded gemstones give off, Organite cleans stagnant and negative energy, bringing the body back to a healthier, more vibrant state

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