It’s a safe, non-herbal, proprietary blend of flower healing essences or healing codes, permanently embedded in 100% pure cane sugar pellets. It DOES NOT contain any flower particles, taste, or scent, whatsoever.

You brought up a very important point! However, did you know that flower essences offer a surprisingly broad array of health benefits, many of which can help us recognize, resolve, or release our different conditioned responses in times of crises, chaos, and uncertainty?

They can help us view life’s challenges in a calmer and more relaxed manner, bringing greater well-being and harmony into our lives.

For example, flower essences have the ability to help…

  • reduce stress in your life
  • express emotions in a healthy way
  • you let go of debilitating fears
  • when events seem hopeless
  • prevent you from internalizing a trauma
  • promote calmness, balance, composure, and control
  • bring mental clarity and composure in times of anxiety
  • you find reassurance a mist of turmoil and chaos
  • reduce or eliminate mental restlessness
  • elevate your mood
  • promote inner peace
  • bring resolution in relationships
  • eliminate excessively and unduly worry about catching a virus or having a serious illness
  • relieve anger, stress, and anxiety
  • guard against having a nervous breakdown
  • restore one’s faith, trust, and hope in life
  • quell anger and resentment that comes up in times of crisis
  • balance the emotions during times of crisis
  • keep you in the present moment instead of dissociating
  • resolve old traumas, and deal with painful or negative emotions
  • you transcend negative thoughts about yourself and those around you
  • stop negative cyclic thought patterns from undermining your self-worth
  • you regain the ability to cope in trying times
  • rapidly neutralize emotional trauma
  • you feel better about yourself and find an improved attitude toward life
  • you let go of limiting beliefs about yourself, life, and your relationships
  • “kick-start” your energy following a devastating experience
  • provide insights into your thinking and behavior patterns that no longer serve you
  • improve your character by exposing unhealthy ways that you relate to yourself and others
  • you recognize, resolve, or release different conditioned ways of perceiving the world
  • you experience greater well-being and harmony in your life
  • during times of personal transformation when direction may be lost, and it can become
    difficult to make decisions
  • And much, much more!…

No, there is no scent whatsoever in our formula because it is vibrational in nature, and as such does not contain any of the physical proprieties of the actual flowers themselves, including scent color, or taste.

Basically, we designed the product for people who feel an occasionally need for a shot of confidence in their lives, including in social settings.

When a person’s confidence increases, of course they’ll feel less nervousness and restlessness in social settings. They won’t feel filled with feelings of self-doubt, self-consciousness, nor will they fear speaking in public.

A 180 pellet-size bottle taken at three pellets per day, will last you two months. Taking more than the recommended dosage (i.e.: two dosages per day or six pellets) will not exponentially increase your self-confidence. In this case, “more is definitely not better.”

No. It’s classified as a dietary supplement and is not intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease, therefore, it is not classified as a drug under Section 201(g)(1)(B) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act [21 United States Code (U.S.C.) § 321(g)(1)(B)].

A simpler explanation might be as follows: Boosting a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem has nothing to do with curing a disease, illness, or mental health disorder.

No. All statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our product(s) are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Each flower essence contains its own unique “intelligence,” vibration, healing energy code, and therapeutic properties.

When you ingest these healing energy codes or vital essences contained in the flowers we use in this formula, a deep healing occurs in the body. The body releases and processes unhealthy thought patterns that are held deep within the psyche, emotions and physical body of the person taking the remedy.

Just to clarify, flower essences are NOT essential oils, nor are they associated with aromatherapy. Unlike essential oils, herbal tinctures, and other supplements, flower essences work within the energy system of the body, similar in ways to acupuncture… but different.

Dr. Edward Bach is credited with preparing the first flower essence in England, back in the 1930s. As a visionary healer, he recognized the soul-spiritual dimensions of healing, decades before this awareness gained public acceptance. Bach knew that the physical symptoms he treated were intimately related to the emotional and mental conditions of his patients.

Thus, he sought a natural, non-toxic method of addressing inner levels of human experience. He later developed a new healing modality derived from the fresh blossoms of plants.

We do not infuse spring water with any flower parts. Instead, we extract the entire energetic energy pattern from the whole flower itself, and embed that “healing blueprint” into pure cane sugar pellets.

When you ingest our pellets, the energetic energy pattern of the whole flower impresses itself on every cell in your body, bringing about a harmonic resonance or balance to the entire body system.

Flower essences do not work according to the “Law of Similars,” which is the main operating principle in homeopathy. With homeopathy, substances are chosen to produce symptoms that match the condition of the client.

On the other hand, flower essences work by introducing positive archetypes that stimulate conscious choices and self-awareness. Therefore, the method for choosing flower essences and the therapeutic goals and outcome are directed toward the soul life of the client.

The Confidence Pill comes in an amber bottle consisting of 180 round, pure white cane sugar pellets (unless otherwise noted). One bottle will last the average person two months, at three pellets one time per day.

Basically, you remove the safety seal on the bottle, unscrew the cap, tap three pellets into the open cap, then transfer the pellets to your mouth, placing them under your tongue. Allow them to dissolve completely, while under your tongue.

Place the cap back on the bottle and close tightly. Do not touch the pellets then put them back into the bottle. Always wait 20-30 before (or after) eating, drinking, smoking, or brushing your teeth to take The Confidence Pill.

It’s balancing the subtle electrical fields that surround each of your cells, bringing them into balance or into a homeostatic state.

As such, you’ll begin to feel more balanced, focused, sincere, confident, and genuine. The Confidence Pill, in effect, helps return you to your original true self, without all of the various aberrant mental and emotional behavioral patterns interfering with you.

This is why you feel more confident. It helps to put your body and mind at ease–into harmonic balance.

Yes, however it is advisable to wait one hour between taking your medications and taking The Confidence Pill.

Yes. It’s best not to place your remedy in close proximity to magnets, heat, light, moisture, electrical wires, computers, tablets, WI-Fi, TVs, cellphones, microwave ovens, or anything with a strong electromagnetic field.

If possible, do not allow The Confidence Pill to be X-rayed at airports. Also, it’s best to avoid taking steroids or opiates while using The Confidence Pill, as they have a tendency to overpower and antidote it.

No. The Confidence Pill was not developed to mask a person’s symptoms, but rather to assist in bringing the body back to a state of health. Thus, once the desired result has been achieved, The Confidence Pill may then be taken on a “as-needed” basis.

One reason is that we employ Scalar Wave technology to boost the various “healing codes” that naturally exists in the flowers that we use.

We started back in 2014, but only made it available to a select group of individuals who worked with us to perfect our formula.

As a side note: we made The Confidence Pill available, for free, during Hurricane Harvey, which was a Category 4 storm that hit Texas on August 25, 2017.

It worked marvelously well to quell the shock and emotional upheaval that people faced in the aftermath of what turned out to be one of the costliest hurricanes on record: $125 billion.

No, they have not. They are produced cruelty-free.

All substances, including flowers, vibrate at certain specific frequencies. These frequencies contain a fundamental essence often referred to as the “energetic signature,” “magnetic code,” or the “vibration” of the original substance.

With the right technology, these energetic signatures can be transferred or imprinted into cane sugar pellets using magnetic energy. That is, we pass a magnetic field through a waveguide, created from the original substance, and then transfer that into cane sugar pellets.

The pellets absorb the magnetic field, leaving behind a detectable magnetic field called “remanence.” When a person ingests these pellets, the energetic signatures of the flowers are conveyed to the person, imparting a positive healing effect on their physical, mental, as well as energy bodies. How so?

The right energetic signature can harmonize discordant invisible energy fields down to a sub-cellular level. What makes this possible is that what’s being transferred to the person is the actual healing qualities or essence of that flower.

In other words, all flowers are completely infused with a certain healing energy pattern, also known as “essence” or “primal genetic code.” Many people believe that it’s not the actual gross substance (i.e.: herb, gemstone, or flower) that is actually healing or harmonizing a person, rather it’s the energetic signature or frequency of the substance that is having the harmonizing and healing effect.

The human body naturally has a coherent energy field surrounding it. Disease is simply the manifestation of a discordant energy field. Our products serve to balance out that discordant field, thus harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit of that person.

Scalar Wave energy is embedded in our Confidence Pill formula. Thus, when you ingest the product, this special energy help keep the electrical charge across cell membranes at an optimal level. How do they do that?

They do that by making it easier for nutrients to enter the cells and for waste products to move out of the cells, thereby enhancing the functioning of trillions of cells. Over time, the energy level of one’s cells, tissues, and organs are raised, promoting optimum health and vitality.

Scalar waves are produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase (opposite to each other) and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other. The result is not exactly an annihilation of magnetic fields, but a transformation of energy back into a Scalar Wave. This Scalar field has basically reverted back to a vacuum state of potentiality.

— Source: insightofnc.com/articles38.htm

In-stock items ship out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, except for major holidays. Delivery time in the U.S. is from 3-5 business days (not including Saturdays or Sundays). Tracking is included. If ordering outside of the US, please email us for mailing rates.

It is your responsibility to know your customs’ rules and regulations, and to pay any and all import duties that are required. However, to date, we have not heard of any instances of this occurring with our products.

No. You would need to contact them and explain that the contents of the package does not contain any drugs or prohibited substances, just 100% natural ingredients, which will be clearly stated on the outside of each bottle.

Yes, they are. There’s no mention of our company name on the outside of the padded envelope, only: “MWF USA” and our shipping address.

If anyone opens up your package, that’s all they’ll see is a small bottle of white, round pellets, with a label stating that the contents consists of 100% natural ingredients. In addition, we do not include any paid invoices; instead, we email them to you.

“No” to both questions, as we sincerely respect your privacy. We do not capture, retain, or store any visitor information, for any reason whatsoever, and never will (unless you provide at information yourself).

No, and we never will, as we’re very dedicated to protecting your privacy. In addition, we will never spam you, for any reason. We’ll only email you during the ordering process, or when we have a question about your order.