60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

“If you don’t think that 911 has helped you feel less stressful, anxious, paranoid, or panicky in day-to-day social settings… we’ll issue you a prompt, courteous refund, less shipping"

"911 is the REAL deal! Knocked my social anxiety right out of the ring!"

What People Are Saying About 911...

"I’ve suffered from social anxiety since high school. After trying 911 for about two weeks, I feel braver, less self-conscious, and more outgoing. I no longer loathe talking to people I know or don’t know. For me, this is huge!”
- Roger R.
“After taking 911 for a little over two and half weeks, I feel a sense of calmness inside and self-assuredness that I’ve never felt before. I feel grounded, rooted in myself and the underlying paranoia that I always accompanied me, is nowhere to be found!”
– Tim J.​
“I recently received notification of an upcoming California business sales tax audit. Instead of freaking out, like I may have normally done, I handled it with incredible grace and ease. This really surprised me! My secret weapon? – 911.”
– Rose V.​


Is made of 100% natural ingredients (no drugs!)

Offers fast relief from social anxiety

Helps lessen self-consciousness

Helps relieve fear, worry, nervousness

Effectively deals with panic attacks

Helps banish self-doubt & embarrassment

Provides feeling of safety & security

Helps balance the mind & emotions

Is non-habit forming or addictive

Has no side effects such as drowsiness

Has no contraindications with pre-existing conditions

Contains no GMO, chemicals, or artificial ingredients

Has no interactions with conventional or herbal remedies

“Our proprietary blend of natural, therapeutic-grade gemstones and
  flower essences (energy profiles) work in a synergistic fashion
to reduce or eliminate debilitating Social Anxiety.”

social anxiety involving meeting and interacting with new people

self-consciousness, self-criticism, and self-judgment

feelings of inferiority or the worry from humiliation or embarrassment

the desire to commit suicide due to severe depression

performance anxiety (including in the bedroom)

nervous energy, worry, difficulty concentrating, mental fatigue, foggy-headedness, unable to think clearly

profound loss of self-worth, where everything is perceived through a veil of worthlessness and hopelessness

over sensitivity as to what others say about them

depression, emotional exhaustion; mood swings; stress/tension headaches

self-doubt about one's capacity to cope with life

fear of public speaking, feeling of terror; fear that one is going to lose control of oneself and do something dreadful, such as injuring others or harming oneself, fear of going mad and acting irrationally

free-floating anxiety: an uneasy feeling that something unpleasant or frightening is going to happen, a sense of foreboding

panic attacks/panicky feelings and apprehension associated with everyday life; emotional fatigue and irritability

insomnia due to racing mind, overactive mental chatter

helps dispel paranoia

helps restores inner calm during stressful moments or periods of worry or hysteria

helps prevent disturbing thoughts, ideas, arguments from entering the mind

helps alleviate mental torture, fear of loneliness, fear of the dark, and fear of being imperfect

helps one deal with depression and agitated behavior following an upsetting experience

helps relieve nervous tension such as nail biting, compulsions, addictive behaviors

helps ground one during periods of anger, out-of-control feelings, mistrust, or suspicion

helps those who are particularly sensitive to negative thoughts and emotions

helps one focus in situations of panic or terror

helps one feel more supported/courageous

helps one overcome feelings of great anguish and restlessness

helps one deal with the fear of death and of being left alone

helps one overcome shyness

helps check the need or desire to defend oneself against a perceived slight or attack

helps one deal with the following disorders: OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; GAD- Generalized Anxiety Disorder; Agoraphobia, PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorders; PD-Panic Disorders, various phobias

helps during emotional distress when the cause is from fright, fear, or an accident

helps calm the nerves prior to public speaking, before a romantic encounter, job interview, exam, motor vehicle driving test, etc.

helps one overcome the feeling of loss such as: status, a treasured possession, or a loved one (relative, friend, pet, or lover)

helps one deal with prolonged grief or bereavement, a “broken heart” or when “love­sick”

helps one overcome the feeling that they’ve failed someone or failed in their duty

helps one overcome low spirits, coupled with a feeling of indifference towards others

helps liberate oneself from negative or limiting subconscious beliefs and thoughts

helps disrupt debilitating emotional patterns

helps one snap out of the feeling that life is “not fair”

helps one stop brooding or wallowing in their despondent mood(s)

helps manage nervous airplane travel and the fear (or phobia) of flying

helps extreme mental anguish, hopeless despair, intense sorrow

helps strengthens one’s auric field and provides protection from negative influences of all kinds, including psychic attack, negative thought forms, and negative thoughts from other people

helps maintain positive energetic boundaries

helps minimize the habit of second-guessing oneself

help diminish anxiety-induced heart palpitations or rapid heartbeat

helps stop reoccurring negative thoughts

helps one emerge out of a pessimistic state or melancholic mood

helps one overcome the fear that others will see through them

helps with feelings of deep anger and indignation after a hurtful act that violates your boundaries


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