“Bulletproof Confidence is no longer a myth or fantasy!”

It’s now available to everyone
even if you’re shy, fearful, overweight, or… ugly!

“Do you see yourself as confident,
powerful, and self-assured?”

 If not… keep reading!

==>> Imagine being able to...

What is "Bulletproof Confidence"?

"It's an unmistakable feeling
of self-worth and self-reliance;
of knowing who you are,
of being able to boldly
and confidently present yourself
to the world without apology, guilt
embarrassment, self-judgment,
shame, self-consciousness, or fear!"

“I’m more sincere, genuine, and unapologetic than I’ve ever been in my life.”

"There is something unique and wholly exhilarating about being yourself, without all the shame, hesitation, and fear. I no longer need to explain, justify, or apologize for the way I think, feel, or act. I'm no longer concerned that people might misunderstand, disapprove, or in some way not accept me. I no longer experience self-doubt or second-guess myself. I no longer feel compelled to rehearse what I want to say in a conversation--before I say it--or try to guess how people might respond to what I say. I no longer experience social uneasiness, embarrassment, or self-consciousnesses -- nor do I have a desire to appease others so that they think highly of me. I can now say what I want in an open, dignified, and spontaneous way. I'm more sincere, genuine, and unapologetic than I've ever been in my life. And the fact that The Confidence Pill works equally well for men and women, makes it an invaluable gift to people looking for an effortless way to bring more confidence, poise, balance, and power into their lives and their relationships!"
John Ustica
Professional Artist
"There is something unique and wholly exhilarating about being yourself!"

The Confidence Pill can also help you stay calm, relaxed,
focused, and self-assured in everyday crisis situations, such as... 

  • career changes
  • house moves
  • being fired from your job
  • changing jobs
  • going through a divorce
  • a romantic breakup
  • the ending of a close friendship
  • recuperating from a severe illness
  • sudden emergencies
  • a stock market crash
  • emotional overwhelm
  • fear of failure
  • unending mental chatter
  • in times of bereavement
  • shocking or startling experiences
  • interviews
  • difficult life dramas
  • extreme emotional situations
  • travel
  • loss of a pet
  • going to the dentist
  • public speaking
  • exam pressure
  • meeting deadlines
  • mental tiredness
  • anguish
  • accidents
  • tragedies
  • crime perpetrated against you
  • traumatizing situations
  • acute disruptions to business operations
  • loss or disruption of any kind that creates bewilderment, numbness or shock
  • loss of life in one’s family, community, or environment
  • in times of doubt (indecision, apathy,
    vacillation,  fear of the future, etc.)

It’s a safe, non-herbal, natural product consisting of a proprietary blend of flower healing essences or healing codes, permanently embedded in 100% pure cane sugar pellets. It DOES NOT contain any flower particles, taste, or scent, whatsoever.

Flower essences offer a surprisingly broad array of health benefits, many of which can help us recognize, resolve, or release our different conditioned responses in times of crises, chaos, and uncertainty.

They help us view life’s challenges in a calmer and more relaxed manner, bringing greater well-being and harmony into our lives.

For example, flower essences have the ability to help…

  • reduce stress in your life
  • express emotions in a healthy way
  • you let go of debilitating fears when events seem hopeless
  • prevent you from internalizing a trauma
  • promote calmness, balance, composure, and control
  • bring mental clarity and composure in times of anxiety
  • you find reassurance amidst turmoil, confusion, and chaos
  • reduce or eliminate mental restlessness
  • elevate your mood
  • promote inner peace
  • bring resolution in relationships
  • eliminate excessively and unduly worry about catching a virus or having a serious illness
  • relieve anger, stress, and anxiety
  • guard against having a nervous breakdown
  • restore one’s faith, trust, and hope in life
  • quell anger and resentment that comes up in times of crisis
  • balance the emotions during times of crisis
  • keep you in the present moment instead of dissociating
  • resolve old traumas, and deal with painful or negative emotions
  • you transcend negative thoughts about yourself and those around you
  • stop negative cyclic thought patterns from undermining your self-worth
  • you regain the ability to cope in trying times
  • rapidly neutralize emotional trauma
  • you feel better about yourself and find an improved attitude toward life
  • you let go of limiting beliefs about yourself, life, and your relationships
  • kick-start” your energy following a devastating experience
  • provide insights into your thinking and behavior patterns that no longer serve you
  • improve your character by exposing unhealthy ways that you relate to yourself and others
  • you recognize, resolve, or release different conditioned ways of perceiving the world
  • you experience greater well-being and harmony in your life
  • during times of personal transformation when direction may be lost, and it can become
    difficult to make decisions
  • And much, much more!…

It’s balancing the subtle electrical fields that surround each of your cells, bringing them into balance or into a homeostatic state. As such, you will begin to feel more balanced, focused, sincere, confident, and genuine.

The Confidence Pill, in effect, helps you return to your original true self, without all of the various aberrant mental and emotional behavioral patterns interfering with you. This is why you feel more confident. It helps to put your body and mind at ease–into harmonic balance.

Yes! The Confidence Pill comes with a ‘No Quibble’ 60-Day Money-back Guarantee… so there’s zero risk on your part. If the product doesn’t work as described, we’ll issue you a complete refund, including S&H. Simple!

All we ask is that you make a genuine, sincere effort to try it out for at least 55 days [one dose of 3 round pellets each day for 55 days], before you consider requesting a refund.

In addition, The Confidence Pill..

Here's what's inside each bottle of The Confidence Pill:

Note: In addition to the healing essences or energy healing codes that we extract from the below whole, uncut flowers, we also use advanced, cutting-edge Scalar Wave technology.

Why do we use Scalar Wave technology? To maximize the efficacy of The Confidence Pill, which we believe accounts for its long-lasting, and in many cases, permanent results.

For more information on Scalar Wave technology, please visit our FAQ section, here.

Helps boost one’s self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth in both social settings and in times of chaos and uncertainty, i.e.: pandemics, natural disasters, major life crises, and everyday emotional upheavals.

A non-herbal, proprietary blend of the following flower healing essences (energy imprints of entire whole, uncut flowers which are in their optimal, coherent, therapeutic state):

Mariola (Parthenium incanum), Larch (Larix decidua), Star Primrose (Oenothera biennis), Salsify (Tragopogon porrifolius), Inmortal (Asclepias asperula), Bouvardia (Bouvardia ternifolia), Creosote Bush (Larrea tridentata), Cerato (Ceratostigma), Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum), Wild Buckwheat (Fallopia convolvulus), Fishhook Cactus (Mammillaria), Purple Aster (Symphyotrichum puniceum), Tarbush (Eremophila glabra), Mexican Star (Milla biflora), White Desert Primrose (Oenothera speciosa), Desert Sumac (Rhus microphylla), and Horseradish flower (Armoracia rusticana).

100% cane sugar pellets (GMP certified and made according to HPUS Rx guidelines in a FDA registered facility. Est.# 30052969310SUS).

Purpose of each ingredient

It helps a person express themselves in a more natural and genuine way, thus instilling within themselves a deeper sense of personal power and confidence. It helps one become more aware of the many false pretenses that they operate under and the insincere ways they express themselves to others. This allows them to be more of the person they really are, instead of the person they think others want them to be. Mariola imparts a certain excitement or enthusiasm that comes from wholly being oneself, without apology, shame, hesitation, or fear.

This flower essence helps one become more grounded in their body and mind. It helps instill in one’s being a deep a sense of worthiness, inner strength, and self-esteem. The more grounded one feels, the more relaxed one feels. This feeling gives way to an inner happiness or joy that can only come from finally discovering your inner value and self-worth. This essence is highly recommended to people who are convinced that they are not good enough, suffer from low self-esteem, lack confidence, feel bad about themselves, feel unlovable, awkward, incompetent, or simply suffer from a poor self image.

This essence works wonders for people who feel insecure due to the fact that they believe that something is innately missing in their lives, something that they need to feel whole and complete. They think, “If only I had that missing thing, I’d feel wholly secure inside myself.” Mexican Star helps you realize that everything you need in life is already contained inside you. It helps nurture one’s inner strength, which brings about a deep sense of confidence and security. The more one relies on their own inner power, the more expanded their sense of self becomes and the deeper connection they feel to all that is.

The keynote to this flower essence is self-acceptance. Thus, it works wonders for people who suffer from a negative self-image and/or overly indulge in victim mentalities. It fosters the release of negative patterns of thought and behavior which are no longer relevant to the person they are now becoming, or to the higher principles that they feel compelled to follow. Thus, one feels a deepened sense of security within themselves, which arises from the awareness that they are perfect as they are at each level of their personal development. They realize that their validity as a person comes from within, and therefore has nothing to do with others approval or disapproval of them. Inmortal goes to the core of shame and self-esteem issues. It is excellent for resolving feelings of despair, feeling that problems are insoluble, feeling inadequate, feeling dispirited, disheartened, unhappy, overwhelmed by victim consciousness, feeling weighted down due to an unsolvable problem or issue; feeling stuck, burdened, or overwhelmed.

This flower essence helps a person better deal with their lack of maturity or their inability to successfully integrate various aspects of themselves. The person who uses this flower essence will feel more connected with themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically, just as if they grew up or raised their level. Thus, they naturally feel more supported by the universe, and more alive and connected to life itself — a very exhilarating feeling. This flower also assists those who find it difficult to bring their thoughts or ideas into fruition, or concrete reality. It helps a person feel supported enough to turn their dreams into reality.

This essence helps us to resolutely confront people or situations that we tend to want to avoid. This avoidance is due in part to certain insecurities that we still harbor within ourselves. Bouvardia helps us find the needed inner strength and confidence to deal with such challenging situations. It does that by providing a vantage point from where we can calmly, boldly, and clearly state our views without all of the usual emotional entanglement and drama. This essence helps one confront reality with the distinct feeling that, “I can definitely handle anything thrown at me by life.” This is what true confidence looks like, and this essence can help impart that to you. In a nutshell: Bouvardia fortifies our will to confront life directly and consciously, changing emotional reactivity and avoidance patterns into positive response and action.

Helps a person overcome the feelings of inferiority, or the feeling that they’re not good enough to take part of the social relationships around them. Helps one overcome the feeling of being disconnected from others, thus enabling them to better communicate with others from a deeper level, and from the heart. It will help you feel more connected to everyone around you, so any feelings of inner loneliness will give way to a more open sense of yourself and others.

This flower essence is particularly helpful to those who may feel a sense of aloneness (but not necessarily “loneliness”) deep in their being. This aloneness may be unknowingly connected to a past event, which caused them to isolate themselves from the outside world. Creosote helps such a person release what he’s held inside for so long, thus enabling him to better connect with others. The person will feel, as if his entire being had been fundamentally renewed.

This essence helps a person transcend the feeling of separateness and exclusivity by making them more aware of the common thread of humanity that flows through each of us. Thus, it helps one better see the similarities between themselves and others, instead of the glaring differences.

his essence helps a person stay fully centered within themselves, confident that they know their essential nature or identity. It helps one take responsibility for their actions and expressing who they really are. It helps foster one’s innocence, charisma, and a higher sense of morality, which inspires and nurtures others. It gives one the needed courage and ability to communicate in an open and comfortable manner. It allows one to lightly and joyfully bring certain undesirable personal traits into consciousness, instead of burying them or getting overly annoyed and angry with ourselves.

This flower essence is particularly useful for those who are overly influenced by the ideals that others have set for them, which might not necessarily meld with one’s own unique soul purpose. When we overly rely on others to help guide our life–rather than looking within and trusting our own self–we will undoubtedly experience self-doubt and confusion. This essence helps one become more dependent on their inner guidance, rather than what other people think they should do.

This essence helps us identify deeply held assumptions or beliefs that we hold about ourselves, relationships, and life in general. It also shows us how these assumptions or beliefs limit us or hold us back from making changes in our lives. Tarbush helps us become aware of the thoughts and behavioral patterns that keep us stuck–always attracting to ourselves the same difficult lessons.

Maintaining any human relationship involves some form of risk, especially when we need to say something to others that we feel they won’t want to hear. We may even fear that the other party will no longer like, love, or respect us if we voice our thoughts. Thus, we often remain trapped in our silence, afraid to take this risk. Fishhook Cactus can “lend” us the strength and fortitude we need to take that risk, knowing that there is surely something positive that will come from it, both for us and the other party.

People who need this essence tend to be loners whose social insecurity causes them to avoid community, because they’re genuinely uncomfortable with others. In addition, a keynote here with this essence is self-consciousness, and the resulting feeling that one needs to struggle very hard to perfectly meet some known or unknown expectation that others may have of us and/or our work. As a result, people like this often experience little to no joy in their work. Purple Aster can help dissolve this intense need to push ourselves overly hard so that people around us will approve of us. What replaces it is the feeling that we are in harmony with the universe’s will and as such there is no longer any need to feel the pressure to perform for others. Our self-consciousness gives way to a feeling of finally being able to relax and enjoy our lives by just going with life’s flow.

This flower essence helps one to hold fast to their core values and self-identity. It helps us to unequivocally and politely stand our ground by maintaining our boundaries. Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like a victim of circumstance? Do you feel frustrated or fearful? Horseradish can help you power through all of this by building you up, firing you up, and moving you out of our current rut by dislodging fear, low self-esteem and blame-shifting. It can bring fresh energy and a new perspective to an old or tired situation, in order to get our lives moving again. Like clearing out the clutter from our garage, leaving a dead-end job, or getting out of a bad relationship. Stuck belief patterns can be removed with the help of horseradish.

This essence works wonders for people who don’t feel confident enough to make their own decisions.

This essence is particularly helpful to those who do not consider themselves as good or capable as those around them, who expect failure,and who feel that they will never be a success. Thus, they refrain from venturing out or making a strong enough attempt to succeed.

If you were to buy all of the ingredients that we use in our formula, it would cost you over $250–that is, if you could even find some of the ingredients.

In fact, if someone asked our team of formulators to create a designer remedy from scratch–similar to The Confidence Pill–we would charge them no less than $3,000 for the research, development, and testing involved in the project.

But of course, we would never charge you anything close to this!




C. Pongsupap